COVID-19 Directives

As we return to work and be in public,  we have new modifications in our practice. 

Before Appointment:

  • Answer Wellness Screen Form and Informed Consent
  • Patient-only in the office – parent waits in car. Dr. de Leon can give virtual updates 
  • For new young patients: One parent comes in with the patient 
  • For new adult patients: Patient only or one companion if necessary 
  • Patient wears mask going into the building 
  • Brush, floss and use mouth rinse before appointment 
  • Wash hands before appointment 
  • Please text 425-220-5550 or call our office, 425-348-5060 when patients arrive. Staff meets patient at the door.
  • No hot/cold drinks before arrival which can influence body temperature 
  • Take temperature 

We appreciate your understanding and for helping us embrace these changes.   

We also have guidelines update on Facebook. 

Here’s the informed consent form and wellness screening questionnaire. Please fill out and submit prior to each appointment.  Thank you so much for taking the time.  

We miss your smiles!